Koho Shiatsu Igaku

This form of Shiatsu literally means imperial finger pressure medical therapy.  It works by using finger pressure along the meridian lines (keiraku), hitting pressure points or tsubo points of the body to promote good health, move as well as stabilize and control your internal energy, improve circulation and can help with many other conditions.  This form of shiatsu helps to restore the body's balance to allow it to heal itself naturally.  Not only can it feel good but it is the only form of shiatsu approved in Japan as medical shiatsu.  This form of shiatsu can be painful depending on the amount of blockages and issues in a persons meridians and body.  Sensei Torres has received his license and certification by the Japanese government as a martial arts finger pressure therapist under the Hakkoryu Jujutsu system.  In Hakkoryu, shiatsu is part of the martial arts system on a higher level.  On higher dan (black belt) rankings of Hakkoryu, you must be able to use one finger to hurt , help or heal someone. It is similar to reflexology (which comes from shiatsu) but covers the entire body.  Sensei Torres received his training and certification by Judan (10th degree black belt) Kaiden Shihan Sandaikichu's Joseph Miller and Gil Adams who are known as two of the best practitioners of Koho shiatsu igaku in the world.  If you have any medical conditions, you must let the practitioner know in advance and for serious medical conditions, please consult a doctor before receiving treatment.

Taizan Ryu Shiatsu

Sensei Torres is also licensed and certified in this form of shiatsu by the Japanese government as a practitioner of this style of shiatsu.  This form of finger pressure therapy is more relaxing  and a softer touch.  It has some of the same benefits as Koho shiatsu igaku but doesn't go as deep in the meridian. He received his training from the same two instructors as the Koho shiatsu igaku certification.  This style uses different finger positions, methods and styles.