Cost/fee- Discounts for law enforcement and military


Woman’s self defense class-

This is a three hour class where there will be physical contact between the class and instructors. 3 women (80 dollars pp), 4-7 women (60 dollars pp), 8-14 women (40 dollars pp).

Private lessons-

One/two person- 50 dollars per hour per person.  Small group (3-5) 40 dollars per person per hour and large group (6-8) 30 dollars per person per hour.

Kids private lessons-

This is the same price as private lessons unless a contract is agreed upon for a steady group with a minimum of 6 months of instruction. Prices for longer classes vary based upon the number of students and the amount of time agreed on.

Seminars/L.E. Seminars-

Cost depends on where the seminar is, how long the instruction will be and what type of instruction you are looking for.

Koho shiatsu igaku/Taizan ryu shiatsu

This is not massage, it is a martial arts finger accupressure therapy where pressure is applied to meridian lines and tsubo points.  It is done mostly to students to help them recover from the days training.  It is occassionally done for others in an attempt to regulate a persons energy flow, circulation and other issues.  It is not done as part of the business as far as cost is concerned. There is not a charge for this form of shiatsu and is similar to reflexology but works on more than just the hands and feet.