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At Today's Samurai school of self defense, you can learn Goshin budo, Hakko-ryu or Taizanryu Jujutsu.

At Today's samurai school of self defense, we specialize in jujutsu.  We teach Goshin Budo Jujutsu for self defense. We teach kids (see class options) as well as adults.  We specialize in street applicable self defense and  women's self defense seminars with techniques designed to work regardless of size, strength or ability and minimize the need for fine motor skills.  We also specialize in law enforcement seminars where you will learn pain compliance and handcuffing techniques, take downs and defense against weapons.

Sensei Torres can also teach and certify students in Hakko-ryu Jujutsu and as an authorized instructor for Honbu dojo (headquarters) based in Omiya Japan, your rank will be recognized in Japan. 

We also do two forms of finger pressure therapy shiatsu.  We do Koho shiatsu igaku which is part of the Hakkoryu system and Taizanryu shiatsu.  In Hakko-ryu Jujutsu on a higher level, it is said that one finger can be used to hurt or heal.  At this higher level, you learn the healing  aspects of Koho shiatsu igaku and can also learn Taizanryu shiatsu.

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Today's Samurai school of self defense

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States

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