Class options

Women’s self defense seminars/programs-

Many of the techniques that are taught are counters to the most common attacks women faced who were sexual assault victims as well as being the victim of numerous different crimes based on Sensei Torres’s time with the NYPD and the hundreds of women he had interviewed who were victims of these attacks. This first-hand knowledge helps you understand which moves worked under certain circumstances, which ones didn’t and why. Again it focuses on techniques working regardless of size, strength or ability and are based on percentages of effectiveness. You will also learn how to spot a potential attack before it happens so you may be able to avoid a situation before it starts.


One person- Some people want individual privates for the one on one instruction to maximize what they learn as the private is individually catered to their needs (2 people would be the same price per person).

Three to five people- This is a small group private. You get less individualized attention with more people in the class but the price drops slightly with more people.

Six to eight people- This is a full group private. Again there is less individualized attention than a smaller group private but the price per person drops.

Hakkoryu Jujutsu - Privates are also available as long as the student is part of the Hakkoryu system and are and remain in good standing with the Honbu dojo in Omiya, Japan prior to or shortly after starting instruction.  Sensei Joe has a study group (school number 48310) of people training in this style who are all registered with Honbu dojo. Anyone tested by Sensei Joe will have that rank recognized in Japan.


Seminars and pricing vary depending on where the class is, how many people are going to be in the class and what the class will cover as well as the amount of time for instruction. If the seminar is out of state, the transportation/hotel costs must be covered. We have done seminars for restaurant staff, bar staff, office staff, real estate sales people, law enforcement, security staff and many other employees of companies. We will coordinate our lesson plan with the goals and needs of the group.

Tactical gun classes-

For people with a handgun, concealed carry (we do not do the CC classes) or in the security field who want instruction on tactical shooting situations, active shooter situations, overall gun safety or target shooting. Anyone teaching will be current or former law enforcement.

Real estate self defense classes-

Many real estate agents work alone and are put in vulnerable positions. Sensei Joe Torres has a program specifically designed for real estate agents to help protect them and maintain safety.

Kids privates/program:

You want your kid prepared for life, not just for a fight don’t you? They will learn about bully prevention and what to do in the case that they are a victim of bullying. Your child will learn the physical, psychological and cyber effects of bullying. They will learn about respecting themselves and others and that Jujutsu is to be used for self-defense only. They will learn things such as the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, fire safety, stop drop and roll, “just say no”, how to deal with peer pressure, memory drills to help them concentrate in school and everyday life, and about not accepting things from strangers. They will learn about nutrition and the proper way to eat as well as the importance of eating right.  They will learn all of this in addition to learning how to protect and defend themselves against physical attacks.

Weapons instruction/defense-

Knife, gun or hanbo (short stick).

Law enforcement seminars-

Unfortunately many law enforcement officers get limited martial arts, fighting, defensive or handcuffing training. They will learn things in the academy or instructional courses and some departments will have an annual refresher class or in service training. Unfortunately some of the people encountered on the street have mental illnesses, a high tolerance for pain, are drunk or are on drugs where your common moves will not work on the person you are attempting to arrest. Anyone in law enforcement knows how difficult it can be to arrest someone (even small) who does not want to be handcuffed. When most officers have no other options, they resort to sheer force as a basic human survival instinct. With body cameras and people video-taping everything, even though you may be perfectly legal in what you did, it may not look good on camera.  The next thing you know, you’re on social media or the news for doing your job for what civilians consider to be excessive force. It may be cheaper and easier for your department to fire you than deal with the aftermath. The techniques you will learn in Goshin Budo are based off human anatomy and we attack the area of the body where the person is the weakest without causing marks or severe injury unless it’s needed. Many of the techniques are pain compliance locks that can be used to take the person to the ground or to put them in a safer standing position to make a better cuffing position available.